When You Need Help

Every week we hear from older adults (or those who care) requesting our services. Unfortunately we have limited resources and even though we would love to be able to help older adults in Maine or Idaho; Cuba or Nigeria; we simply cannot at this point in time. However, if we can provide direction, recommend resources, pray, or offer encouragement, please CONTACT US.

Cooperative Christian Ministry offers senior adult resources
           Cooperative Christian Ministry website

We are based in Cabarrus County of North Carolina in the United States and are blessed to have other senior-serving organizations and ministries available here and in Rowan county, where we also serve. Below is a short list of those. Wherever you live, check to see if there are similar resources in your area.

Adult and Aging Services is the gateway to resources and support for Cabarrus County residents who are disabled or over the age of 60. 

Cooperative Christian Ministry offers a variety of senior adult resources.

Cabarrus Meals on Wheels offers meals and safety checks.

Meals on Wheels Rowan offers meals, a grocery program, pet food, USDA food box delivery, safety checks and an adaptive tablet program. Visit their website to see additional services available.

Coltrane Life Center offers adult day care services and other programs for caregivers in Cabarrus County.

Baptist Aging Ministry provides a wide variety of resources and services including wheelchair ramps.

Cabarrus County Senior Center

Rufty Holmes Senior Center (Rowan County)

Legal Aid NC

Lunch Plus Programs

Cabarrus County Transportation 704-920-2246

Rowan County Transportation    704-638-5252