Therapy Dog Visits Bring JOY

Aji, Elder Orphan Care's therapy dog in training, loves his older friends

When Aji visits the homes of our older friends who are aging alone there are immediate smiles, happy sighs, and often a story about a dog they once had. On his first visit to see Shirley, she couldn't wait for Aji to sit by her on the sofa.  When he acted as if he might give her a lick, she exclaimed "Oh please let him, I haven't had puppy kisses in SO long!" 

On Thursdays Aji can be found making his rounds at Caremoor Retirement Community in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Residents often ask staff, "When is our puppy coming again?" and when they see him arrive in his "therapy-dog-in-training" vest they often walk or wheel themselves into the hallway, lining up for some puppy love!

Aji is a mini Goldendoodle. Aji is short for "Ajutor" which means "help" in Romanian. We are so grateful for our newest "employee," and look forward to many years of him bringing joy to our older friends!

Aji is Elder Orphan Care's therapy dog in training