rescued, helped and valued recently added the term "unhoused" as a unique replacement for the term "homeless." For a variety of reasons, certain groups have begun using other phrases, like houseless, unsheltered, people without homes or unsheltered people. All these phrases have pros and cons.

But what they describe is never a positive.

A man who is homeless is brought by ambulance to one of Viorel Pasca's elder care homes in RomaniaAccording to the Ageing on the Edge Research Library, Romania is "a staggering 8 times poorer than 10 years ago with 44% of Romanian living in poverty. Today, many years after the fall of Communism, Romania's infrastructure is still lacking the basic needs in many villages. The elderly often live without electricity, clean water, and proper sanitation"

In many cases, these older adults end up living on the streets. They are often found abandoned by family, widowed without adequate resources or "stuck in a cycle of poverty they cannot escape due to advanced age, poor health, or other circumstances."

Romania has a major lack of services for those aging without adequate support. And beyond that, in July of 2023 Romanian authorities raided dozens of elder care homes over allegations of patient abuse. (Read more HERE)

While this information saddens and angers us, it is also all the more reason to rejoice that our amazing ministry partners in Romania are busy "rescuing, helping and valuing" hundreds of older adults who find themselves homeless, unhoused, without shelter.  

Three of hundreds of abandoned older adults who have been rescued and loved by Elder Orphan Care's ministry partners

Thank God for Viorel and Florica Pasca, who have cared for nearly 3000 abandoned elders since 2006 and who currently are caring for nearly 500. We praise God for Mircea and Dana Badea who are caring for over 100 older adults who would otherwise have no home. To learn more about our ministry in Romania, click HERE

And thank you, our donors, who provide the financial support for Elder Orphan Care to be able to come alongs side these heroes!